Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is about drawing closer to God.

As young adults, we often lead hectic, busy lives — sometimes it can be difficult to notice the movement of the Spirit in our day-to-day life. In spiritual direction, we are invited to slow down and reflect more deeply on our experiences — to recognize the grace and presence of God in our lives.

In fact, spiritual direction is not really about being "directed," in the sense of being "told what to do" — instead, a spiritual director is a listening, attentive companion on your spiritual journey... someone to encourage you towards a deeper relationship with the divine.

Why seek spiritual direction?

Some reasons you might come to spiritual direction include:

  • to share your disappointments, losses or struggles,
  • to find affirmation and encouragement,
  • for discernment in making decisions,
  • for support in integrating spirituality your with daily life,
  • to learn to identify and trust your experiences of God,
  • for help making it through a transitional period,
  • to grow closer to God, yourself, others, and creation.

How does spiritual direction work?

God seeks you where you are. Spiritual direction can come through all faiths, and it can occur in group sessions or one-on-one. Generally speaking, it often occurs as an hour-long one-on-one meeting, once per month.

Together with your spiritual director, you will agree on a convenient time and location to meet. Many spiritual directors will request a nominal fee for their time, while others may accept free-will donations or even volunteer their time.

It is very important to feel comfortable, and to know that what is shared with your spiritual director will be held in confidence. You may wish to interview more than one director, paying attention to your comfort level. Don't be afraid to ask about their theological and spiritual education, or whether they abide by particular ethical guidelines. After a few sessions, you should evaluate the relationship together, to be sure that both feel it will be beneficial — whether it is for a short time, or many years. If you don't find that the spiritual director is a good fit for you, you can always seek another.

How can I find a spiritual director?

Faith Connections would be pleased to help you in your search for a spiritual director. Please contact us.

If you live outside of the Toronto area, or would prefer to look for your own spiritual director, check out Spiritual Directors International — they have an on-line Seek and Find Guide which can help you locate nearby directors.