Speaking Out: My Lent with a spiritual director

Jacklyn Gilmor writes in The Catholic Register,

"Maybe it’s just me, but it’s so easy to get lost in the little sacrifices and traditions of Lent, forgetting what the real point is behind them.

"One year I’ll give up junk food and my friends won’t hear the end of it, especially when there’s a plate of cookies out or they go out for ice cream. After an agonizing 40 days, I get excited to have sugar again and to celebrate with everyone else. But I think many of us — myself included — have been missing the point.

"This year, I signed up to do the Lenten Listening retreat, which was created by Faith Connections for people who are busy. You get a handbook that guides you through daily prayers and Scripture readings and you can take notes as you pray. You also get assigned a spiritual director, whom you meet with for a few hours throughout Lent to discuss your journey."

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