Lived Faith in Canada Today

At the November 15 launch of Faith Connections’ Portraits of Faith: Young Adult Catholics Share their Stories, eighty-five friends and supporters celebrated with the 18 young adult authors (six men, six women and three couples) who hail from across Canada and beyond. The project had its genesis with Joe Sinasac, Publishing Director of Novalis, who noted that Pope Paul VI had described evangelization as most effective when it is done through the sharing of real-life stories. “We wanted,” he said, “to counter-act all the negativity swirling in the world around us about the Church and religious faith in general....Their stories are compelling, inspiring and full of hope and faith...accounts of real people who lived through various ups and downs, some facing very difficult challenges in their lives. A common thread through them all is the faith they share in Jesus Christ and his message of mercy and redemption.”

The collection is introduced by Sister Mechtilde O’Mara CSJ, and co-edited by Sister Mechtilde and Vanessa-Nicholas Schmidt who together with her husband Michael wrote one of the couples’ essays. A “passport” for the evening carrying a photo of each author enabled the guests to meet, greet, and congratulate the authors and to have their copy “stamped,” and autographed.

Portraits of Faith testifies to lived faith in Canada today. What has helped these men and women to deepen their faith can be illuminating for readers, young and old, as well as for those who may not be religious but are are seeking answers to life’s great questions. We hope that it may be read by pastors and pastoral ministers, leaders of young adult groups, parents and grandparents, and above all by young adults discerning their path through life. Certainly it will give hope to those who care about the future of the Church.

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