My first time attending Theology on Tap

As I arrived at Theology on Tap West I did not know what to expect. What would a social mixer for us young adult Catholics look like? What unfolded before me was a beautiful sight: people interacting and mixing with one another in a friendly and open manner.

The focus of the night’s talk was mental illness. Denis Costello, Executive Director of Catholic Family Services of Toronto, gave a great talk about the topic. He explained the different kinds of depression and discussed anxiety. He also explained the link between mental and spiritual health.

After his talk, attendees engaged in small group discussions regarding the topic. The discussions revolved around answering questions from a sheet passed around by volunteers. I appreciated hearing the insights of people that I met for the first time. I liked that we were able to come together and have an open discussion, though we were previously strangers.

A question and answer period with the speaker happened after small group discussions. After this period, everyone was encouraged to stay at the venue and socialize. With 115 people in attendance and a great speaker on Monday Feburary 8th it was a rich evening. What I appreciated the most about the night, especially as a newcomer, was the inclusivity and openness around the room.

I look forward to once again seeing friendly faces at the next Theology on Tap West being held on April 11, 2016. The presence of Cardinal Collins as the keynote speaker adds to my excitement for the night. I encourage adults to come out to Theology on Tap. Trust me, attendees do not regret it.

Author: Crystal Lobo