The Task (a poem for Holy Week)

Thank you to Sr. Mary Alban Bouchard, CSJ, who shared the following poem with me.  It is a powerful reflection for Holy Week. I wonder how I would feel if I was “faced with or forced to” diverge from the path like Simon.  Yet … if only I have the courage to cease the opportunities presented to me they might bear great fruits.

May each of you have a blessed and inspirational holy week,
Vanessa Nicholas-Schmidt

The Task

What shall I do
With mounting frustration,
The waves of desolation?
What shall I do with the restlessness?
The hopelessness,
Repeating without meaning?
Where am I going?
Shall I diverge from the path
Without knowing
Where or why?
These thoughts passing by
In the mind of a man called Simon
Known to be of Cyrene
Were suddenly erased
The day he was faced
With – or forced to – a task
With meaning that cast
The man in long remembrance
To last
To this day forever:
One most magnificent endeavor.

Mary Alban Bouchard CSJ