THEOLOGY ON TAP: The Gourmet Gospel

Gen AndersonFaith Connections'
Theology on Tap

The Gourmet Gospel: what eating reveals about God

Special guest: Genevieve Anderson, creator of the Faith Connections' Eat Pray Share program.

Join us for an evening of thought-provoking conversation on theological topics! Munchies provided, cash bar available - come and bring a friend!

"The Gourmet Gospel" will celebrate good food and eating well from an ecumenical, spiritual perspective.  Meals bring us together at a common table where we have to put aside conflicts and share the intimate experience of tasting and smelling.  Everyday food can also nourish the soul.  Meals, whether enjoyed alone or with a group, reveal the nature of God and reinforce our identity in the Body of Christ.

"The Gourmet Gospel" is the good news that good food need not be avoided or feared because of vices such as gluttony, greed, or compulsive eating.  Food is intrinsically good, a celebration of God's creation, and a vehicle of grace.  Fasting and asceticism have their place in the spiritual journey, but so do ordinary meals. 

Genevieve Anderson is a young adult who is passionate about good food, spiritual growth, and community-building.  She was inspired to combine these passions into her original Eat Pray Share program offered in the fall of 2010.  She currently facilitates the "sequel" program Soul Food, hosted by Faith Connections and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto in the High Park neighbourhood.  Genevieve is an avid "Chowhound" and "Food Tourist" and believes that life is too short to eat bad food!

For more information: visit our Toronto Theology on Tap web page, or contact Kelly Bourke by e-mail, or phone 416-222-1426 ext 276.

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