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Topic: Proclaiming the Word of God: Spoken Word as Testimony

Special guest: Marie-Lauren Gregoire B.A., B.J., a spoken word artist, writer and communicator.

Our January guest speaker will explore the power of the spoken word as testimony and proclamation and how each of us can deliver the spoken word.

Proclaiming the Word of God requires ‘a speaking style that is audible, clear and intelligent.’ (Lectionary for Mass) The Word, spoken out loud, is proclaimed by those who share its power with a congregation. Words said out loud are, in essence, spoken. Traditionally, the spoken word has told the history of mankind: the story of faith in the Bible and the adventures, real or imagined, of Beowulf or Odysseus. Today, the spoken word can be anything verbalized such as poetry, prose, speeches, conversation, monologues or prayer. Spoken Word artists are those who practise and perform literary, auditory art, the art of speaking lyrically, with rhythm and movement. Spoken Word artists carry on an oral tradition to not only tell a story but to inspire others. When a story is told in this manner, artists can testify to their story of redemption and salvation through the spoken word. How are words said out-loud proclaiming or testifying?

Marie-Lauren Gregoire (MLG) is a spoken word artist, writer and communicator. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and Ryerson University, MLG is the communications coordinator at the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies. MLG's spoken word poetry has been heard at “Up from the Roots”, “When Words are Spoken” and “Saturday Night Love” in Toronto. Most recent works are: Time a come…come a time-Part III, Stand and Fight, Introduction and Time done come.

Join us for an evening of thought-provoking conversation on theological topics! Munchies provided, cash bar available - come and bring a friend!

For more information: visit our Toronto Theology on Tap web page, or contact Vanessa Nicholas-Schmidt by e-mail, or phone 416-222-1426 ext 276.

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