Adil Charkoui Speaks in Toronto

with Barbara Jackman and Others.

Canadian laws that claim to secure communities brutalize migrants,target marginalized people, use the fear of detention and deportation to regulate every part of people's lives and justify coercion. These laws make no body safe.

Under the guise of national security, Canada has instituted laws that deny basic human rights, civil liberties and justice to anyone that it deems worthy of suspicion. Security Certificates, Secret Trials, Extraordinary Renditions, Confinement without Trial, Overseas detention and Torture are the dirty underbelly of Canadian immigration policy.

Come hear Adil Charkoui speak about Security Certificates and Secret Trials. Adil will be joined by Barbara Jackman and others.

Adil Charkaoui, a Montreal teacher, father of three children, was held without charge since May 2003 in Montreal. Released under severe conditions in February 2005, he has only recently been allowed to travel outside of Montreal. (See for more)

"What is a security certificate?

A security certificate,
It's the right to be treated outside the law
It's two-speed justice
It's precedent for secret trials...
It's contact visits with no contact
It's the glass that separates you from loved ones,
It's deadlock, solitude; it's breathing corruption...
It's the guilt of being born elsewhere...
It's human folly clothed as wisdom.
It's me today, maybe you tomorrow! "

- Excerpt of poem by Adil Charkaoui, translated from French

Barbara Jackman has represented clients in a number of high profile cases involving Canada's anti-terrorism laws and immigration security certificates

Hosted by: No One Is Illegal - Toronto, Toronto Action for Social Change, Christian Peacemaker Teams Toronto, Canadian Arab Federation, Jesuit Refugee and Migrant Service-Canada, The Council of Canadians, Ontario/Quebec Regional Office, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, Parkdale Community Legal Services


25 Cecil Street (South of College, East of Spadina)
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 24.6708" N, 79° 23' 44.3184" W
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