Torture Tour of Toronto

Torture Tour of Toronto
Thursday, May 1, 9 am-2 pm

The Caravan to End Canadian Involvement in Torture kicks off with a
torture tour of Toronto on Thursday, May 1, beginning at 9 am. What,
exactly, IS a torture tour of Toronto?

It's an opportunity for us to publicly name corporations and government
entities that are complicit, either directly or indirectly, in acts of
torture. That complicity may be contracting with the government to
deport to torture those held under the unconstitutional secret hearing
"security certificates" ; it may be an "intelligence agency" that sent
questions to torturers in Syria and Egypt who used those questions to
torture Canadian citizens; it may be war manufacturers who are part of
corporate empires that include private "interrogation" teams implicated
in torture and murder in places like Abu Ghraib, Bagram Air Force Base,
and Guantanamo Bay.

The May 1 Torture Tour of Toronto kicks off the Caravan to End Canadian
Involvement in Torture, which will be spending the following eight days
on the road to Ottawa, engaged in educational efforts and public action
to call for an end to Canadian complicity in torture.

To reserve a free seat on the torture tour, call Toronto Action for
Social Change at (416) 651-5800 or

There is no cost, though donations for our bus are most appreciated. If
you cannot make it but would like to help meet the costs of the torture
tour and the caravan, donations can be sent to Homes not Bombs at PO
Box 73620, 509 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, ON M6C 1C0 (earmarked
caravan in memo portion of cheque)


509 St. Clair Ave. West
Toronto, ON
43° 40' 58.7532" N, 79° 25' 7.3308" W
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