Turn Out The Lights! Celebrate Earth Hour on Saturday, March 29 @ 8 PM

Turn Out The Lights!
Celebrate Earth Hour

8:00 pm March 29
KAIROS wants you to turn off your lights for an hour at 8 pm on Saturday, March 29.

Why? Because our use of fossil fuels – symbolized here by a light bulb- is contributing to global climate change. In 2007, the people of Sydney, Australia, decided that they could send a powerful message for change by turning off all their lights at the same time. More than 2 million citizens and businesses did so. Now, the World Wildlife Fund is taking Sydney’s history–making moment global by encouraging people, businesses, and communities all over the world to turn off their lights and demand action on climate change.

KAIROS asks you, your church, and your community to join in this global effort as part of your commitment to the Re-Energize: Time For A Carbon Sabbath campaign. Use this time to reflect on your use of fossil fuels and their connections not just to climate change but to human rights and conflict as well. Build community around these issues. Advocate with local and federal governments to change their policies and practices related to fossil fuels.

Earth Hour is a symbolic action but it’s very important, when we flick the lights back on at 9:00, that we commit to truly reducing our carbon footprints – as individuals, as communities, and as a nation.

⎭ Let us know about your service. Contact Sara Stratton at KAIROS: sstratton@kairoscanada.org or 1-877-403-8933 x 241. Please also register at www.earthhour.org under “organizations” to help the global count. While it may seem like a lot to register twice, we really do both need to know what’s happening!

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This community event is not affiliated with Faith Connections, but we believe it to be of specific interest to young adults aged 18-39 and with a faith-based or social justice theme. However, we can be mistaken — if you're not sure this event will meet your expectations, please check with the event organizers.