Religion, Human Rights and the problem of fear forum @ U of T

Religion in the Public Sphere:  University of Toronto

Wednesday April 2, 3-5, Campbell Conference Centre, Munk Centre
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“Human rights are premised on an assertion of inherent human dignity and
freedom – a premise that itself may implicitly exclude religious
understandings of what constitutes being human. With this seemingly secular
basis for human rights, how do religious claims intersect with those of
human rights? How do religious traditions based in divinely-sanctioned forms
of absolutism, exclusivism, or universalism meet with the universalism of
human rights law and discourse – a discourse with its own particular
history? What is at stake in conflicts between human rights and religious
claims, and how are fear, misinterpretation, and politics at play in such

In March, RPS will host Professor Jocelyn Maclure of Laval University, and
expert analyst on Quebec’s Reasonable Accommodation Committee. He will be on
campus for one week during which he will give two public evening lectures on
the 2007-8 theme of religion, human rights, and the problem of fear T

he forum speaker will also meet with the RPS Faculty Fellows and other invited guests. At the lectures, a panel of respondents from the university and community will discuss the
lecture from their perspectives as scholars and public sphere professionals.”


University of Toronto - Munk Centre- Cambell Conference Centre
1 Devonshire Place
Toronto, ON
43° 39' 52.0056" N, 79° 23' 48.9696" W
This community event is not affiliated with Faith Connections, but we believe it to be of specific interest to young adults aged 18-39 and with a faith-based or social justice theme. However, we can be mistaken — if you're not sure this event will meet your expectations, please check with the event organizers.