Ash Wednesday Peace Gathering

Ash Wednesday Peace Gathering Followed by Trial of 10 Nonviolent War
Resisters in Burlington Court

Peace Gathering, 8:30 am, Parking Lot, Ontario Court of Justice, 2051
Plains Road East, Burlington
Join us for this inclusive Ash Wednesday liturgy for peace

Trial, 9 am
All welcome to attend this day-long trial of 10 people arrested at the
Burlington subsidiary of Canada's self-declared #1 war manufacturer,
L-3 Wescam, 2051 Plains Road East, Burlington

For More Info: contact Gail Lorimer at (905) 634-7654 or Homes
not Bombs at (416) 651-5800,

" [Save us] from lying lips and from deceitful tongues...Too long have
I had my dwelling among those who hate peace. I am for peace, but when
I speak, they are for war." -- Psalm 120

In November 2006, 10 people attempting to enter into a dialogue with
company executives for the Burlington, Ontario military manufacturer
L-3 Wescam were arrested and charged with trespassing. They wanted to
talk about transforming Wescam's business from a place of war
profiteering and possible complicity in acts of torture into an
organization that produces socially useful things for the betterment of
the world community. Those charged are Frank (Barney) Barningham,
Matthew Behrens, Dan Hilton, Gail Lorimer, Dave Marshall, David Milne,
Maggie Panter, Kirsten Romaine, Mike Smith, and Paul York.

Their trial takes place on Ash Wednesday, February 6, 2008, at 9 am in
the Courthouse at the Ontario Court of Justice, 2051 Plains Road East,

Before the trial, the ten invite you to join them in an Ash Wednesday
liturgy for peace in front of the courthouse, an opportunity to reflect
on the fact that Wescam continues to produce military hardware for some
of the deadliest military forces on the planet.


Ontario Court of Justice
2051 Plains Road East
Burlington, ON
43° 20' 29.5404" N, 79° 48' 53.37" W
This community event is not affiliated with Faith Connections, but we believe it to be of specific interest to young adults aged 18-39 and with a faith-based or social justice theme. However, we can be mistaken — if you're not sure this event will meet your expectations, please check with the event organizers.