Faith Connections' Theology on Tap

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto invite you to FAITH CONNECTIONS' THEOLOGY ON TAP - A thought-provoking social evening for young adults (19-39yrs) where a speaker provides opportunity for discussion.

Speaker: Rob Allore, SJ, PH.D., Research Geneticist and Theologian

Title: 'God Delusions', Evolution and the Believer

Richard Dawkins is a well-known biologist and long-time combatant
against the idea of ‘Intelligent Design’ and other
religiously-inspired descriptions of evolution and nature.

In 2006 Dawkins published the book, 'The God Delusion'.

This book proved extremely popular, remaining on the New York Times bestseller list for almost a year.

In our February 11 session of Theology on Tap, we
will discuss Dawkins’ views of evolution and creation.
We will also consider the ways that different faith traditions
have shaped our understanding of the natural order and the human condition.


Duke of York Pub
39 Prince Arthur Ave
Toronto, ON
43° 40' 10.0632" N, 79° 23' 48.8148" W