The Sisters of Life: Joyfully building a Civilization of Love

Toronto is blessed to have a new chapter of the dynamic, prayerful Sisters of Life in our city.

Join Civitas on December 13th to hear their incredible story, be inspired for their enthusiasm for the Gospel, and learn how to listen to God’s call in the midst of the din of the city.

The Sisters of Life is a contemplative/ active religious community of women founded in 1991 in New York for the protection and enhancement of the sacredness of every human life.

Already blessed with 47 vocations the Sisters of Life carry out their missions with the heart of the Church and with the hope of revealing to those they serve the inherent goodness and beauty of their own lives, so that each person may see and experience the truth that they are an unrepeatable creation of the Master.

Civitas is an organization for young professionals (people who have started their careers, whether it is in the home, in the workforce, or pursuing post graduate studies). Civitas are inspired by the life and teachings of John Paul II and his challenge to build a new culture founded on truth.


When: December 13, 6:30 pm, beginning with mass.

Where: To Be Announced, please check back or contact:

This community event is not affiliated with Faith Connections, but we believe it to be of specific interest to young adults aged 18-39 and with a faith-based or social justice theme. However, we can be mistaken — if you're not sure this event will meet your expectations, please check with the event organizers.