NET Ministries of Canada

NET (National Evangelization Teams) Ministries of Canada is recruiting! For those of you who don't know NET, NET is a Catholic Youth Ministry organization and their mission is to challenge young Catholics to love Christ and to embrace the life of the church. They do this by sharing the Gospel message to youth on retreats where they evangelize to 30,000 youth in 35 Dioceses across Canada and Ireland . They also have parish based teams that work to build a youth ministry program called LIFETEEN in the parish that will serve the parish community after the team moves on. One of their new and exciting projects is to get a French team (Les Équipes NET) underway for next year that will serve from August to December; a very important initiative as they strive to serve our French brothers and sisters. Currently they have seven teams, but their goal is to have 8 teams next year. NET is looking for 75-85 missionary volunteers for 2007-2008. Praise God!!!! If you have questions, concerns or just simply want more information about NET, please feel free to email or call at the number below and check out our website **** NET is currently looking for more awesome Catholic males between the ages of 18-30 to serve on the teams 07-08 year. If you yourself might be one of them than please feel free to check out the website or if you know of someone who might interested please feel free to let them know about NET and their mission. Please contact; Corey Jolly Recruiting Coordinator NET Ministries of Canada Toll Free: 1-877-521-4426

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