Christmas Updates

Each year, when we send out our Christmas card to our friends and supporters, Faith Connections includes a brief update on the successes of the past year, and a look forward to the year to come. You can view them below in PDF format.

Faith-Connections Update-2017.pdf2.83 MB
Faith-Connections-Update-2016.pdf2.61 MB
Faith-Connections-Update-2015.pdf2.55 MB
Faith-Connections-Update-2014.pdf2.5 MB
Faith-Connections-Update-2013.pdf3 MB
Faith-Connections-Update-2012.pdf2.9 MB
Faith-Connections-Update-2011.pdf2.46 MB
Faith-Connections-Update-2010.pdf2.34 MB
Faith-Connections-Update-2009.pdf2.72 MB