• CCCM looking for a National Coordinator

    The Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry provides support for campus ministers across Canada. They are currently inviting applications for a
    National Coordinator on a one year maternity leave contract.

    More information: http://www.cccm.ca/Stage/NCjobposting

  • Religion: The Missing Peace

    Theology on Tap welcomed Leah Watkiss and her talk “Religion, The Missing Peace: How, Why, and When Religion Can Transform Conflict” on October 24, 2011.

    While it is commonly believed that religion is the source of many of the world’s conflicts and wars, in fact religion is often only a superficial cause.
  • Food nourishing the soul

    With a new series of Eat Pray Share: Breaking Bread beginning we reflect back on the insightful Theology on Tap presentation given by Genevieve Anderson on "The Gourmet Gospel".

    Learning how food can be spiritual is a welcome idea for foodies everywhere and a new thought perhaps for others. Foodie, facilitator and chaplain Genevieve Anderson shared thoughts and ideas on the concept that awareness of food can "bring us closer in relationship with the divine".
  • Exploring McLuhan’s message at Nuit Blanche

    Faith Connections’ Hike and Prayer at Nuit Blanche

    Jed de los Reyes writes in The Catholic Register, "About 25 young adults took to the streets during Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s yearly all-night art festival, to explore the spiritual connections behind the exhibits...."

    "As with all art, many questions were raised following each viewing. When we interact with the world, how does it respond? What are the new possibilities available to the world that could further God’s plan? What new responsibilities come with this new empowerment? Every participant left feeling a little more thoughtful than they were when they arrived, but everyone took away very different personal messages, as the exhibits were bound to do."

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  • The Wonderful Imperfect

    Fr. Philip Chircop
    At Theology on Tap on September 26, 2011, Fr. Philip Chircop, a Jesuit priest from Malta, spoke about embracing and loving each of our own imperfections. Perfection is a moving target that we, as humans alone, cannot completely reach. However, the Good News tells us that we can be imperfect and still be worthy of God's love. There is nothing we can do to make God love us more, or less.
  • World Youth Day Pilgrimage: Tough Yet Uplifting

    WYD 2011

    A couple of good friends and I felt it would be a great ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to experience World Youth Day in Madrid. Hearing that a religious order called the Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE for short) was offering a World Youth Day pilgrimage travelling to Portugal, France, and Spain for a month, we eagerly signed up. During our stay, our group of about 300 which included youth, many sisters, brothers, and priests indeed lived the pilgrim life.

  • World Youth Day 2011

    World Youth Day 2011, Madrid
    This weekend in Madrid, Spain hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, many of them young adults, will be gathering for World Youth Day. It is inspiring to know that so many young Catholics gathered who are and seeking to be "Rooted and Built Up in Jesus Christ, Firm in the Faith" (Colossians 2:7). Let us join in that mission, praying that we may be grounded and formed in Christ.
  • Goodbye, Hello!

    Kelly and Vanessa
    Ah, somehow it is the end of my term with the Faith Connections team... the time really did fly by! I have so enjoyed spending this time working with all of you! I can only hope my next ministry is as filled with blessings as this one has been!
  • Religion and Science are Not Contradictory

    Fr. Rob Allore, priest and scientist, came to the University of Toronto Mississauga on March 8th as part of the Theology on Tap on Tour series organized by Fontebonne Ministries’ Faith Connections program.

    Fr. Rob spoke about two topics that he felt were particularly important and interesting: the creation of life and the cloning of humans.
  • Food: The Ritual Element Behind Our Unity

    Hector Acero writes on the Regis College Friends in the Lord blog:

    "Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a Seder Meal organized as a part of the Faith Connections initiative of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Toronto. One of the Sisters, having lived within Jewish communities and therefore experienced first hand the Jewish hospitality and way of life, opened the doors of her house to a small group of young-adults, and volunteered to recreate the Seder Meal as a respectful formative experience."

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