• On being a busy person

    Audrey sent along this reflection on her experience of our Lenten Listening retreat:

    Calling myself a busy person would be an understatement. Between school, work, and other obligations, I often find myself pressed for time to eat, never mind an extended amount of time for something like a retreat. With Lent approaching though, I wanted to have an opportunity to increase my prayer life beyond it usual harried state, so, I signed up for the Lenten Listening Retreat being hosted by Faith Connections, Regis College, and the Toronto Area Vocation Directors Association.

  • Volunteer Opportunity

    Our friends at Jesuit Volunteers Canada are looking for volunteers — they write:

    Ever wonder what would happen if you dedicated your entire being to following Christ and making the world a better place?

  • Faith and Civic Engagement

    Toronto Councillor Joe Mihevc shared some perspectives on how faith in action helps to build neighbourhoods and cities at Theology on Tap on March 24.

    Mr. Mihevc began by expressing concern about the rise of secularism in Toronto starting in the 1980s. At this time, people tended to look inward, with a view to preserving themselves and their faith communities instead of looking outward and changing the world.

  • Urban Way of the Cross resurrected

    The Catholic Register writes,

    "Faith Connections envisions the city as a living Stations of the Cross.

    "The organization, an arm of the Sisters of St. Joseph’s Fontbonne Ministries that conducts ministries directed at young adults, has developed an event that relates everyday issues of urban society with the Stations. It’s called the Urban Way of the Cross, a Lenten event held this year on April 5 that requires participants to interact with the street life of downtown Toronto.

    "Now in its second year, Urban Way of the Cross is part of the St. Joseph sisters’ Hike and Prayer series which combines physical and spiritual activity."

    Read the rest of this article here.

  • Councillor talks politics to young adults

    The Catholic Register writes,

    "Toronto’s next municipal election happens this fall, but voter turnout is typically low among eligible youth.

    "So [Faith Connections] is hosting a night of politics and religion over drinks on March 24. The event will bring in city councillor Joe Mihevc to speak to Catholic young adults about faith and civic engagement."

    Click here to read the article.

  • Celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph

    Today is the Feast of St. Joseph, and we invite you to join us in celebrating his feast.

    In this post, two Sisters of St. Joseph share their connection to Joseph.

  • Why does a loving God not end suffering?

    On Wednesday February 26th I was intrigued by Father Chris’ discussion tackling the challenging question “How does a just and loving God allow suffering?” at Theology on Tap East. I was touched by so many examples that Father Chris gave explaining that suffering is a part of life. It is not only our own suffering but the suffering of those around us. We are a part of a greater human experience and while we feel that suffering is our own and feeling the need of isolation, it’s actually the opposite. I know sometimes we want to be left alone but as Father Chris mentioned, it’s best to be done in communion with others. On one hand I agree that it’s important to look for community with our friends and family but more importantly in the Eucharist with Christ Himself.

  • Reflecting on the life of Jeanne Fontbonne

    At our Faith Connections team meeting this week, we reflected on the life of a young adult named Jeanne Fontbonne, who became a foundress of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

    We invite you to share in our prayer and reflection.

  • Christianity and world religions: complimentary or contradictory?

    On January 13, 2014, 85 young adults from the Peel Region gathered at West 50 Pourhouse and Grille in Mississauga for Theology on Tap West. Fr. Damian McPherson explored the question “Christianity and World Religions: Complimentary or Contradictory?”

  • Our ultimate friend

    Faith Connections invited The Most Reverend Gerard Paul Bergie, Bishop of St. Catherines, to usher in a new year of Theology on Tap on Monday, January 27. Through a combination of anecdotes, jokes, and a brief lesson on salvation history, Bishop Bergie discussed the concept of friendship.