• Living your Faith in a Challenging World

    Neil MacCarthy

    Neil MacCarthy told three funny, inspiring, stories about living your faith now to the young people overflowing the room at Theology on Tap on May 31 at the Duke of York pub. Each story beautifully illustrated his message. The response from the standing-room-only crowd showed that “they got it” every time.

  • Sunday: Your Vision of God and Your Vision of Yourself

    Bishop Boissonneau

    On September 25th Bishop Boissonneau filled the house at Theology on Tap! The 90 people present were encouraged to ponder and discuss “Sunday: Your Vision of God & Your Vision of Yourself.”

  • Taking your Soul to Work

    Mimi Marrocco

    Mimi Marrocco

    Mimi Marrocco came to Faith Connections' Theology on Tap" on June 14 and made a wonderful case for being ourselves during the 70% of our lives that we spend during our waking lives at work. Her illustration of the cost of denying that self, staying safe, was drawn from Dickens’ novel Great Expectations: Wemmick, the “post-office-mouth man” – man as machine during office hours.

  • Let us build the city of God

    Joe Mihevc

    “Every political discussion is a question of vision and values,” said Councillor Joe Mihevc at Theology on Tap’s April event. “You just need to tease these out.” He urged his audience to use their faith commitment to transform the world. As a city councillor for the past 15 years, with a PhD in theology and social ethics, he is well placed to discuss this topic.

  • Bread For My Neighbour is Spiritual

    Jack Costello SJ

    Father Jack Costello SJ came to Theology on Tap March 29 and spoke on “Want to do justice? First fall in love.”

    He invited his listeners to forget about labels — “We have our sense of where real shadows lie in the areas of gender, the environment and economics.” He directed them to look past the cynicism that comes with trying to gain happiness from driving SUV’s. “Life is about being in love and caring for people,” he said, “Bread for my neighbour is spiritual.”

  • Working for Peace

    William Payne

    “To proudly preach peace one should be willing to die for it”       William Payne


    In a Mi’kmaq village in New Brunswick, William Payne falls sick while being part of a violence-reduction team sent by Christian Peacemaker Teams. He receives an herbal remedy from the chief’s sister for his flu and recovers. When he thanks Kwegsi at the band office the next day, the chief laughs and says to the young people with him, “ We never learn. For 500 years when they get sick, we give them medicine!”

  • Standing Room Only for Theology on Tap

    Dr. Moira McQueen

    Over 60 people packed the back two rooms of the Foxes Den Pub on Nov. 23 to hear Dr. Moira McQueen (photo left), bioethicist and moral theologian from St. Michael’s Faculty of Theology, speak on “Moral Decision Making.”