• Learning to Make Time for Silence

    At Theology on Tap on November 16, Fr. Michael Machacek spoke on “Into the Silence, In a Busy World,” sharing his insights and practical techniques for achieving silence in the chaos of life.

    It was suggested that a culture/lifestyle of ‘busyness’ is glorified and engrosses our present day lives. Fr. Michael reflected that often people feel powerless in their busyness, but upon reflection may realize that a choice is made to keep busy in our lives. Members of the audience raised hands in agreement that their lives can be extremely busy.
  • Pushing the edges in building a City of God

    In our Theology on Tap discussion on architecture, “Building a City of God: Constructing a Theology of the Everyday”, Michael Nicholas-Schmidt, M.Arch., brought to life the inanimate structures we see as buildings, park benches, and narthexes.

    The Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines narthex as “a lobby inside the main entrance to a church building” but Nicholas-Schmidt redefined it as “spaces where people can come towards a church.”
  • Taking Risks to Live Life and Spread Light in the World

    In the final Theology on Tap session of the season, “Risking God – Living the Sacramental Life”, Gregory Beath provided the audience with his thoughts on risk taking in order to deepen our faith. He explained ‘God takes risks in God’s love for us. And we are in turn invited to take risks for God.’
  • A "Christocentric" prayer

    The Rosary

    We're continuing to add to the spiritual tools and resources here on the Faith Connections web site, and today we have posted an introduction to the Rosary; which is fitting, since October 7 is also the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary in Catholic tradition.

  • "Get moving, you peacemakers..."

    Ninette D'Souza and Fr. Bob Holmes

    On September 21, those gathered at Theology on Tap listened to Ninette D’Souza and Fr. Bob Holmes as they shared stories of individual Palestinian Christians they have met in order to tell “The Story of the Christians of Bethlehem Today”.

    Ninette explained that she had been on a Basilian Peace and Justice pilgrimage with Fr. Bob to the Holy Land in 2008. The Palestinians there told her that the best thing she could do upon returning home was to “tell the true story” of the Palestinians.

  • Racism. Stop It! Video Competition

    The Racism. Stop It! National Video Competition is a contest which provides the opportunity for young adults between the ages of 18 and 20, to submit short videos (45 to 60 seconds) on their thoughts about eliminating racism. This initiative reaches thousands of youth and educators from across the country every year and includes the participation of many significant partners such as, the National Film Board of Canada, Panasonic Canada Inc., MuchMusic and VRAK.TV.

    Ten winning videos will be chosen to be broadcast on partners' networks, reaching a majority of Canadians.

  • Stand in Solidarity: Pray for Peace Today

    The United Nations has declared today, September 21, the International Day of Peace, and the World Council of Churches has declared today the International Day of Prayer for Peace.

    We invite you to stand in solidarity with those around the world, and those here at home, who are victims of violence and unrest. Please: reflect, discuss, act, and pray for peace.

  • Come to a Weekend Retreat for Single Women

    The Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto invite single women aged 18-39 to join them for a weekend of prayer and reflection.
    Reflections shared by Patricia – a participant on the June 2009 retreat: "Listen, I am standing at the door knocking" A spiritual retreat is a personal encounter with GOD. In it we listen to God’s voice and open ourselves to God’s guidance.
  • Bringing Truth, Goodness and Beauty to the Media

    Fr. James Mallon spoke about "Faith in the Media" at Theology on Tap on August 20. He tackled two questions: Can we trust the media? What is the Church's role in the media?

    On the first question, we trust the mediation of art when it represents truth, beauty, and goodness. A narrative that represents these things brings us closer to God. Art is true when it originates in the Holy Spirit, and its mediator does not change it to suit his/her own special interest. Art is beautiful when it is inspiring and not depressing. Art is good when it gives us hope.

  • Employment Opportunity: Part-time Cook

    The Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto are looking for a Part-time Cook for dinner preparation for 8 Sisters (plus guests as required) at 528 Palmerston Blvd. Hours are 2:30-6:30, Monday to Friday, hourly rate: $17.04.

    Please apply in writing to Russ Nesbitt, Director of Food Services. Resumes may be faxed to 416-222-0186 or e-mailed to rnesbitt@csj-to.ca