Living our faith in the corporate world

On Monday November 25th we had 85 people join us at Faith Connections’ Theology on Tap. Michelle Henry, corporate lawyer, spoke about "Living Your Faith in the Corporate World" and her talk generated rich discussion.

Why should I share my faith?

On November 11th, 110 young adults gathered at West 50 Pourhouse and Grille in Mississauga for the launch of “Theology on Tap West.” The evening was hosted by Faith Connections, the Office of Catholic Youth, and young adult volunteers from regional parishes.

In his talk, “In Today’s World, Why Should I Share My Faith?,” Bishop John A. Boissonneau posited questions centered around three themes: religious faith, contemporary culture, and evangelization.

Interested in networking with other Catholic professionals?

After the November 25 Theology on Tap session on "Living Your Faith in the Corporate World", Adam Padzik will be holding a 30-minute focus group for those interested in providing feedback and opinions on the formation of a brand new networking group: The Young Canadian Catholic Professionals.

Friendship with the Poor

On October 28, Paul Robson, Jesuit theology student at Regis College, spoke to an audience of young adults at Theology on Tap about being a missionary working with Bhutanese refugees in Nepal. His work as an English teacher in the refugee camp was an important part of the Jesuit formation process. Through his exposure to a different culture and the opportunity to be a leader, Paul grew in his ability to give more of himself.