Canticle of the Creatures

The Faith Connections Hike and Prayer on October 5, 2013, focused on St. Francis of Assisi’s Canticle of the Creatures. The hike took us through two distinct landscapes: urban Toronto and natural Riverdale Park. As we walked along the edge of the park, we had a view of the trees in the park and, in the distance, the buildings of the downtown core.

From Gangland to Promised Land: An Evening at Theology on Tap

I have to admit that when I first heard the topic of John Pridmore’s talk for the September 30th Faith Connections’ Theology on Tap, I was both intrigued and intimidated. Intrigued because I had never heard someone give a personal witness about such a dark topic, and intimidated because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to relate to his story. I had no need to worry; although John’s story is very different from my own, there is a current running between them both: God’s love. John explained that part of his conversion was coming to understand that he is loved by God.