Reason with faith heals and elevates

At our Theology on Tap on November 15, 2010, Fr. Gilles Mongeau, SJ spoke on St. Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, a compilation of all of the main theological teachings of the 13th century.  Attempting to summarize the Summa Theologica into an evening lecture is an impossible task.  However, Fr. Mongeau presented insights and contexts that inspired attendees to study the work in greater depth.

Springs of Hope - Fall 2010

This is a year of celebration for Fontbonne Ministries, recognizing ten years of engagement with the community. Beginning in South Riverdale and joined by an existing ministry in East York, Fontbonne has expanded over time to South Etobicoke and across the city with In Good Company. Most recently our ministries have expanded further to embrace the young adults in Faith Connections.

Business Ethics and Religion After the Financial Collapse

Reflections on the Theology on Tap talk given by Dr. Richard Shields in October 2010

A variety of explanations have been provided for the global financial crisis of 2008 and early 2009 -- low interest rates; financial deregulation; conflicts of interest by credit-rating agencies, etc. However, in his Theology on Tap talk, “Business Ethics and Religion After the Financial Collapse”, Dr. Richard Shields focused on a more fundamental (yet oft-forgotten) factor in deciphering the nature of this recent financial meltdown -- religion (or lack of it) in business ethics.