AdventJourneytoBethlehem.jpgAdvent marks the beginning of the liturgical year for Christians. It is a season of hope, preparation, expectation, and celebration — not just for Jesus’ anniversary of birth but also as a reminder of our redemption and of his promised second coming. To prepare your heart for Advent, you can find Scripture readings and links to Advent resources on our Advent Prayer Tool page.

Be Still

Rev. Michael Machacek

"Be still and know that I am God — silence — Be still and know — siilleenncce — Be still — siiillleeennnccceee—" One could have heard a pin drop as Fr. Michael lead us in a silent meditation at November 16th’s Theology on Tap. I couldn’t believe I was sitting in a pub surrounded by people in motionless meditation. Silence and stillness is truly a gift even when found in the most unexpected of places! (Vanessa Nicholas-Schmidt, Faith Connections Assistant Director)

Here are some of the resource suggestions Fr. Michael Machacek (Pastor of the Newman Centre) shared with us:

Learning to Make Time for Silence

At Theology on Tap on November 16, Fr. Michael Machacek spoke on “Into the Silence, In a Busy World,” sharing his insights and practical techniques for achieving silence in the chaos of life.

It was suggested that a culture/lifestyle of ‘busyness’ is glorified and engrosses our present day lives. Fr. Michael reflected that often people feel powerless in their busyness, but upon reflection may realize that a choice is made to keep busy in our lives. Members of the audience raised hands in agreement that their lives can be extremely busy.

Pushing the edges in building a City of God

In our Theology on Tap discussion on architecture, “Building a City of God: Constructing a Theology of the Everyday”, Michael Nicholas-Schmidt, M.Arch., brought to life the inanimate structures we see as buildings, park benches, and narthexes.

The Canadian Oxford Dictionary defines narthex as “a lobby inside the main entrance to a church building” but Nicholas-Schmidt redefined it as “spaces where people can come towards a church.”