SIGN-UP HERE: "Hearing God's Call" A 6-Week Workshop series

Wake up. Shower. Breakfast. Go to work or school. Come home. Dinner. Prepare for the next day. Sleep. Repeat.

Does that sound similar to your routine? Chances are, it does.

Let's face it, being a young adult in today's society is challenging. Our lives are busy, filled with the many demands of life from all directions. Sometimes it's hard to even figure out where to go from here. Slowing down and tuning in to silence and reflection sounds like a nice idea, but the opportunity just never seems to present itself.

Not until now.

If you are a young adult between the ages of 18-39 and looking to slow down to hear God's call through using Ignatian Discernment, this 6-week workshop is meant for you. It will give you the opportunity to meet with a small group of young adults, while together you reflect on your week to uncover what God is speaking to your heart in this very moment.

These are closed circles of trust where confidentiality is key. Share only what you are comfortable sharing and all you need to bring is yourself!

Refreshments will be provided. Limited availability so make sure to sign-up now!

Please note:

We encourage all those that sign-up to attend all the workshops, however if you have to miss one for a valid reason, that is acceptable. We encourage regular attendance as this strengthens the bond of the small group over the 6-week period and the fruits of the workshop become more evident with regular practise!

The 6-week workshop costs $20.00 to cover the cost of refreshments, however if cost is of concern, please email us at Payments can also be made with cash in person on the day of.

This workshop is a collaboration with Christian Life Community (CLC). To read more about them, please visit: