Faith and Finances

Quentin Schesnuk, Manager of Planned Giving and Personal Gifts for the Archdiocese of Toronto, spoke about how Catholics should handle their finances on March 23, 2015 at the Duke of York Pub.

Mr. Schesnuk began by asking us to reject the cult of celebrity that causes great confusion and disunity in our lives. How do we escape from this confusion?

Instead of looking up to celebrities, we need to look to the lives of the saints. Not all of us can be rich, wise, or famous, yet all of us can be called to be saints. Our finances are tools that we can use to become saints.

What are virtuous ways to handle money? Mr. Schesnuk suggests that we regularly review our finances and set a budget, research responsible investments (not just investments that yield the greatest return), and talk to an advisor. Good financial choices must be made continuously throughout life. Good choices must in ingrained in our thoughts, words, and actions. Over time, these choices become our habits, character, and destiny. We need Divine grace to help us make the right choices when we are surrounded by temptation.

Work is a necessary part of Christian life regardless of how much money one may have. As Christians, we need to work to a high standard even when it is inconvenient or arduous. We need to serve others while showing the virtue of temperance (self-control). When we step outside of ourselves we are like Christ. When we work for others, we work for God. Over time, work and temperance will strengthen our character and prepare us for greater challenges ahead.

Our financial planning should include charitable giving. Charity is a reflection of social justice, which means giving people their due. Everyone, including people who do not work, is due the necessities of life. We have a duty to support life for everyone. Our material wealth should be considered as a means for helping others, not an end in itself.

— by a Theology on Tap volunteer

This is an audio-only recording, but you can download the slideshow used during the talk and follow along:

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