Celebrating Summer

I have to admit that I have never been a big fan of summer. I’m one of those crazy people who typically prefer cooler weather; humidity and I just don’t mix. I would take spring or fall over summer almost any day. However, after the intensity of the winter, I am relishing the warmth of the sun, and the simplicity of being outside without fives extra layers of clothes. I didn’t realize just how grateful I was for this until Faith Connections' "Celebrating Summer" Hike and Prayer at Edwards Gardens on July 5.

Every part of the program reminded me of the truly simple moments that I treasure about summer, from childhood memories of eating watermelon and the juice running down my chin, to the more recent memories of having picnics in different parks around the city. During one stop, participants were asked to gather in small groups and share their favourite summer, childhood memory. As I listened to others’ memories, I was surprised to find that they paralleled my own memories, despite a difference in ages and locations.

Most importantly, on this hike and prayer, I was reminded of how lucky we are in Canada to have four distinct seasons. As much as fall is unpredictable, winter can be brutally cold, and spring is muddy, having those other seasons makes summer a whole lot sweeter when it comes around again. I wouldn’t appreciate the simple joys of summer, like cooking over a campfire or going to the beach, if I did it all year. Being limited to a few months, makes each beach day, picnic, or BBQ with friends, a little bit more special because they only happen a few times per year.

So, let’s make sure we celebrate this summer to the fullest, enjoying all the good things God has given us in the sunny warmth and outdoor adventures.

— by Lauren van Vliet