Volunteer Opportunity

Our friends at Jesuit Volunteers Canada are looking for volunteers — they write:

Ever wonder what would happen if you dedicated your entire being to following Christ and making the world a better place?

If you are like most people out there, you spend 90% of your time working hard so that you can do what is more important to you for the other 10%. This can be especially frustrating when what is really important is to live out your faith and make the world a better place. It is frustrating to read the news, watch the latest documentary, see the inequity in our society and not have the time, energy or companions to respond because we are too busy trying to keep our own head above water. The sheer volume of issues to be concerned with can become paralyzing, and the two hour a week volunteer commitment that we may be able to carve into our busy schedule, if we are lucky, doesn't really cut it. This disconnect not only separates us from our neighbour, but also ourselves and our creator. Perhaps you have begun to feel how this can deaden our faith and our soul.

There is a better way. A way based on values, on the biblical call to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God (Micah 6:8). A new opportunity awaits such compassionate and frustrated young adults, a program called Jesuit Volunteers Canada. During this one year commitment lived out in Espanola or Toronto, your life is based on four tenets: spirituality, community, simple living and social and eco-justice. After a week-long orientation, JVs begin work at their work placement - a meaningful, concrete full time opportunity to serve and be present to the needs of the vulnerable within their local community. At the same time JVs develop a life rooted in prayer, reflection, community and simplicity at home with their new JV housemates. Throughout the year, JVs have opportunities for retreats. With one's basic needs met (the program covers room and board and a modest stipend) and an opportunity to work full time for social justice, with like minded housemates and lots of time for reflection and prayer, Jesuit Volunteers experience the tremendous freedom to put all of themselves to the service of the Gospel call.

All soon to be graduates and young professionals, please consider applying to be a Jesuit Volunteer and letting your friends know about this opportunity too. More details can be found at www.jesuitvolunteers.ca. Deadline for applications is very soon!

While we may not all be ready to join JVC, the better way is open to all. May we take time this Lent to see how we can re-orient our lives to unleash our best selves to answer the call to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God.

— Lori Ryan Neale, chair of Jesuit Volunteers Canada, served as a Jesuit Volunteer in Cleveland and San Diego