Inviting God on your journey

"Discernment of God's will is never a simple and easy task. Prayer is key and vital." These were the words of Bishop Vincent Nguyen to over 100 young adults gathered for the launch of Theology on Tap East held on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 in Scarborough.

Bishop Nguyen captivated the audience with his inspiring journey of faith to discuss the theme of the evening - "Making Life Decisions: Inviting God on your Journey." His love for the Catholic Church was first ignited by the remarkable story of his great great grandfather who was martyred at the young of age of 21. It was this sacrificial witness that gave him the strength he needed when his mother died in a car accident; Bishop Nguyen was only 12 years old at the time and was simultaneously enduring the hardships of living in communist Vietnam. "I am grateful for the faith I have, for my great great grandfather who sacrificed his life to hand that faith down to me," said Bishop Nguyen. It was the faith passed down from generations that later inspired the young Vincent to escape his homeland to freely discern God's will and respond with great love to the priesthood.

Drawing from his personal journey, Bishop Nguyen listened to the wisdom of his parish community and his superiors during his time of his discernment and motivated all young adults to do likewise. "I cannot believe without being carried by the faith of others." Along with the guidance of others, he emphasized the value of prayer by "listening to the quiet voice of God whispering in our heart" in order to follow the call of God and share the truth with others. "The way we live our lives will encourage others to do the same."

by Larissa Zantua