Living our faith in the corporate world

On Monday November 25th we had 85 people join us at Faith Connections’ Theology on Tap. Michelle Henry, corporate lawyer, spoke about "Living Your Faith in the Corporate World" and her talk generated rich discussion.

As I continue to pray and reflect on our conversations that evening, I wanted to share two thoughts:

First — Michelle’s talk and our conversations left me thinking about being called to “the more” (magis in Latin).

“The more” of Ignatian Spirituality refers to entering ever more deeply into: authenticity, relationality, and love - the source of which is God. Our call to “the more” is evolving and unique. For one person, “the more” may be litigating on Bay Street; for another it may be taking time away from one’s career to care for aging parents; for another it might be volunteer work outside one’s job; and for another it might be as a stay-at-home parent. This diversity creates a beautiful tapestry which helps to express the infinite love of God in our world.

Second — ‘How do I live my faith in the corporate world?’ is a difficult question indeed! It can be challenging to integrate our faith into everyday life …

Michelle was wise in counselling us to continuously pray and be open to God’s voice in our life. I don’t know about you, but I find myself wishing God would just text me the answer to my latest conundrum! It is in those moments that I really appreciate having a spiritual director; she is someone I can talk to about my life and together we can discern God’s voice.

If Spiritual Direction is something you are interested in, Faith Connections can help — click here for more information.

Wishing you many blessings for the Advent season!

Vanessa Nicholas-Schmidt, Program Director