Friendship with the Poor

On October 28, Paul Robson, Jesuit theology student at Regis College, spoke to an audience of young adults at Theology on Tap about being a missionary working with Bhutanese refugees in Nepal. His work as an English teacher in the refugee camp was an important part of the Jesuit formation process. Through his exposure to a different culture and the opportunity to be a leader, Paul grew in his ability to give more of himself.

Paul was impressed by the generosity of the people. He was invited into the refugees lodgings and easily made friends. He evangelized not by preaching, but by simply being with the refugees and by being a witness to their lives. He did not try to gain converts and only talked about faith if people asked about it.

Since returning to Canada, Paul has helped Bhutanese refugees resettle in Canada. The refugees face challenges such as finding work, communicating with separated family members, coming together to celebrate Nepali festivals, and adapting to Canadian life.

Paul concluded his presentation with a quote from Father Bill Robbins, another missionary in Nepal:

"Jesus was in Nepal long before the first Christian missionaries arrived. We missionaries have come to meet Jesus here and to help Nepal's wonderfully open people get to know Him a little. We can show people how to live Jesus' law of love we can make the Resurrection a reality in their lives."

-By a Theology on Tap volunteer