A Farewell from Kelly

Dear Faith Connections Community,

Though I was greatly looking forward to serving all of you as Program Director of Faith Connections until March 2013, I could not pass up an opportunity that has come up for me. I will be headed to the West Coast to build a youth and young adult office for the Diocese of Victoria! I’m very excited about this opportunity.

Having greatly enjoyed my time with Faith Connections, it is with some sadness that I leave this ministry. Providing resources, events, networking and support to young adults has not only been my work but is at the heart of my own vocation. Too bad I can’t bring Faith Connections with me!

I wish you all well, and know that you are in good hands with Héctor Acero Ferrer, who will come on board as Interim Program Director until Vanessa Nicholas-Schmidt returns from Maternity Leave in March 2013.

Peace and blessings,
Kelly Bourke