Politicians can't just shed their faith

The Catholic Register writes, "The separation of church and state is a concept engrained in the identity and culture of Western democracy as a means of protecting religion, not eliminating it, according to the Very Rev. Lois Wilson."

"But that definition has become less and less believable, Wilson told a few dozen young adults gathered in downtown Toronto at a Theology on Tap event that questioned what role religion should play in forming the public policy of a secular state."

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Posted On: February 13, 2012
Posted By: Theology on Tap Volunteer (not verified)

Thanks Luc for a great

Thanks Luc for a great article. Faith informs compassionate and progressive public policy, and I would not want to live in a society were laws and policies were formed entirely by people with no faith. The challenge in a country with many faiths is to develop consensus agreement across all faiths when developing government policies. There must be acceptence that some policies may not achieve consensus agreement. Lasting relationships must be developed between representatives of different faiths so that dialogue will continue even if there is a failure to reach consensus.