Goodbye, Hello!

Kelly and Vanessa
Ah, somehow it is the end of my term with the Faith Connections team... the time really did fly by! I have so enjoyed spending this time working with all of you! I can only hope my next ministry is as filled with blessings as this one has been!
Thank-you, young adult community, for your energy and willingness to look for something new;
Thank-you, volunteers, for your great generosity;
Thank-you ministry partners and collaborators for making the projects even better;
and Thank-you, Sisters, for this blessing it has been to have worked for and with you in your mission and ministry;
Thank-you, friends!
It is so good to be welcoming back Vanessa after her year of studies! Please join me in welcoming her back to the adventure that is the Faith Connections ministry...
Thank you for all your positive encouragement and prayers over my time away! Studying full time helped to illuminate for me the vibrant tapestry of Theology. I also learned a lot about myself and ministry during my 3 month internship as a hospital Chaplain. It has been a blessed year indeed! And I know the one to come will also be rich.
I'm so excited to be back at Faith Connections! I'm looking forward to seeing many old friends and meeting new ones!
A big thank you to Kelly for all your hard work. A big thank you to the Sisters, staff, and young adults for all you do for Faith Connections.