The Wonderful Imperfect

Fr. Philip Chircop
At Theology on Tap on September 26, 2011, Fr. Philip Chircop, a Jesuit priest from Malta, spoke about embracing and loving each of our own imperfections. Perfection is a moving target that we, as humans alone, cannot completely reach. However, the Good News tells us that we can be imperfect and still be worthy of God's love. There is nothing we can do to make God love us more, or less.

The imperfections in our lives represents the fertile soil from which hope and creativity can blossom. When we address our imperfections, we strengthen our relationship with God through prayer, and develop relationships with other people who can help us change. Failing to acknowledge one's imperfections invites paralysis, alienation, and disconnection.

Our dislike for others may result from the recognition of our own imperfect character in others. If we dislike our own imperfections we will dislike others who exhibit the same imperfections. Fr. Philip recommends that we love people who we dislike because they can tell us a lot about our own faults.

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