A Powerful Guide for Daily Living

At Theology on Tap on April 13, Dr. Josephine Lombardi gave an inspiring lecture on how the Lord's Prayer is a powerful guide for daily living. Dr. Lombardi is Assistant Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology at St. Augustine Seminary and author of On Earth as it is in Heaven.

The Lord's Prayer appears in Matthew 6 & Luke 11. The first words, "Our Father", comforts us because they remind us that God knows each of us personally. "Hallowed be thy name" acknowledges that all people are called to holiness. "Thy kingdom come" makes us realize that we reflect God's love on earth. Are we warm, approachable, and inviting? We live with Christ within us and through our actions we bring the Kingdom to an imperfect world.

"Thy will be done" reminds us that God's delays are not God's denials. Even if our work does not produce immediate fruit, it may do so in the fullness of time, for God's time is not necessarily consistent with our expectations.

"Lead us not into temptation" calls on us to know ourselves. If we know ourselves then we know our temptations, which generally involve fear, pride, and desire.

Finally, Josephine concluded by reminding us that salvation is the fulfillment of the Lord's Prayer.

Josephine organizes retreats and seminars that explore the Lord's Prayer more extensively.

By a Theology on Tap Volunteer