Taking Risks to Live Life and Spread Light in the World

In the final Theology on Tap session of the season, “Risking God – Living the Sacramental Life”, Gregory Beath provided the audience with his thoughts on risk taking in order to deepen our faith. He explained ‘God takes risks in God’s love for us. And we are in turn invited to take risks for God.’

The sacraments, particularly baptism and communion, allow God’s light to be revealed. We are called to risk by inviting God into our lives. Each person has the freedom to accept or reject each sacrament. Each sacrament presents a risk because we are called to be open to the Spirit. It is because of God’s presence in the sacraments that we are cleansed and grow in faith. The sacramental world view involves revealing God in the experiences of our everyday lives.

Our ordinary lives are also a place to encounter God. By taking risks we can spread His light throughout the world. Gregory explains that reaching out to others and living the Gospel involves risk

In the final session of the season, Gregory reminds us that we become the bearers of God’s teachings in the world. We are invited to act, because of God presence, through charity and compassion. Reaching out to others involves some degree of risk, however, we are called to receive God’s spirit and respond in love.

Reflection by Christine D’Souza Photo by Hannah Li