Courage and Hope in Haiti

Sister Rosemary

Dear Friends,

Your concern, prayers and support went with me as I returned to Haiti in January after the earthquake. It was a source of courage and hope for me and I was able because of you to transmit this to those around me. Each day brought new realization of the extent of the damage and disruption in the life of that tiny island country and the in the life of each of the Haitian people that I met.

They certainly are a people of courage and determination with a great capacity to live with adversity and continue on despite it. Over and over they witnessed to me.

One woman who lost her arm related her experience to me and then with a gentle smile said “but I am so lucky! I am alive!” She has many operations ahead of her because of the nature of the injury to her arm but she did not feel sorry for herself. She expressed only gratitude for the gift of her life and for all that was being done for her. This is the kind of person you have been helping.

Below are two YouTube videos that have touched me – speaking of the strength and hope of the Haitian people.

With affection, Sister Rosemary