Faith Connections has a new team!

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The congregational leadership team of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto is pleased to announce that Sr. Mechtilde O'Mara will be the new Ministry Director of Faith Connections.

The leadership team is grateful to Sr. Thérèse Meunier for her work with this ministry. From 2002-2005 Sr. Thérèse worked with the congregation to develop a ministry for young adults. From this, Faith Connections emerged. Sr. Thérèse served as the Director of Faith Connections from its founding in 2005 through to April 2010.

As part of restructuring and sustainability, Faith Connections will now become part of Fontbonne Ministries, Sisters of St. Joseph, Toronto. Fontbonne Ministries was established by the Sisters in 2000 to respond to social and spiritual needs by nurturing community. As Ministry Director of Faith Connections, Sr. Mechtilde will ensure that the ministry meets the spiritual needs of young adults and is in keeping with the mission and values of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Leanne Kloppenborg, Administrator of Fontbonne Ministries, will be the new Administrator for Faith Connections.

Faith Connections will continue to live out its mission of ministry to and with young adults. Vanessa Nicholas-Schmidt will continue to be responsible for program and ministry development. Her new title will be Program Director. Rοb Hustοn will continue in his role as Program Assistant.

We invite you to Faith Connections’ 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY on June 3, 2010 when we will thank Sr. Thérèse and introduce Sr. Mechtilde and Leanne.