Mysteries Amid the Journey of Life

Photo of Sr. Jacqui

Each of us as Christians are called to mystagogia. Throughout our lifetime we continue to unveil the mysteries of the fullness of Christ in our lives.

At our March Theology on Tap, Sr. Jacqueline de Verteuil provided the audience with her reflections on the concept of ‘Mystagogia’ and its application in our lives. ‘Mystagogia’ refers to mysteries – something hidden that is to be revealed.

Mystagogia can be encountered in many contexts. Sr. Jacqui spoke of mystagogy in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). Throughout the RCIA process of inquiry and learning, the candidate enters more deeply into the fullness of the mysteries of Christ. At the Easter Vigil individuals are baptised with water, clothed in the white garment and receive the light of Christ, leading to hope for new life as they share in the Eucharist for the first time.

But is mystagogia only experienced by RCIA candidates? No it can be experienced by all of us. Small, seemingly insignificant moments, when reflected on can reveal to us the paschal mystery. The transitioning of the seasons can speak to us of the ways God is at work in our lives.

Christ is revealed to us as we prepare for sacraments but He continues to be revealed to us as we live out the sacraments. For example, married life involves a long preparation during the engagement process in which there is a growth in intimacy. But the paschal mystery continues to be revealed throughout the life of the couple as they continue to grow.

Sister Jacqui describes the human person as being a mystery. Each individual comes with rich experience that can bring us closer to the mystery of Christ.

Take a moment to think about your day and ask yourself “Is there anything that struck me today?” You may have noticed the mystery of Christ in a moment of seeing something new in something old, something special in something ordinary.

Reflection & Photo by: Christine D’Souza and Vanessa Nicholas-Schmidt