The Power of the Spoken Word

Marie-Lauren Gregoire spoke on the topic "Proclaiming the Word of God: Spoken Word as Testimony" at Theology on Tap on January 18.

Marie-Lauren reminded us about the importance and power of the Spoken Word.  It is testimony that brings truth, freedom, redemption, and inspiration.  The Spoken Word testifies to the greatness and glory of God and bestows grace upon its speaker and listener.

The Spoken Word Artist must turn to God for ideas.  To seek an original idea is to turn to God and listen to what he reveals through the soul.  No one can claim exclusive communication with God, for he reveals the universal truth and Good News to all people.  A Spoken Word Artist is unique in the way s/he presents God's truth.  The selection of language, arrangement, and imagery used to express God's truth is up to the Artist.  God wants us to do great things with the truth!  A good Artist will refresh the faith of him/herself and the faith of the listener, just as Marie-Lauren refreshes the faith of her audience with her inspiring poetry.

Marie-Lauren reminded us that we all testify to our faith with our different gifts and talents: as lectors, in a conversation with friends and colleagues, by sharing our personal stories... and in the way we choose to live our lives.

By a Theology on Tap volunteer.

Here is an excerpt from Marie-Lauren's talk: