Learning to Make Time for Silence

At Theology on Tap on November 16, Fr. Michael Machacek spoke on “Into the Silence, In a Busy World,” sharing his insights and practical techniques for achieving silence in the chaos of life.

It was suggested that a culture/lifestyle of ‘busyness’ is glorified and engrosses our present day lives. Fr. Michael reflected that often people feel powerless in their busyness, but upon reflection may realize that a choice is made to keep busy in our lives. Members of the audience raised hands in agreement that their lives can be extremely busy.

Fr. Michael discussed how this pattern of living may affect us, particularly in relationships: with friends, family, and God. He emphasized that time is needed to be still and silent, for these things refresh the soul.

Silence can be the cure for what ails us in our lives. It can be found in something as simple as taking time to reflect on the beauty of nature. Fr. Michael suggests that silence should be considered a goal of personal relationships.

Some practical techniques were offered to incorporate silence into our everyday lives. Examples included gradually including silent time on a regular basis, practicing good posture, and breathing techniques. Furthermore, Fr. Michael described some aids for silence that could help further our understanding and techniques such as books, websites, and videos. A silent retreat was discussed as well and may provide further insights on this topic.

As the stresses and excitement of the upcoming holiday season draws near, the ideas and techniques presented may provide some practical measures to achieve the silence needed in our hectic lives.

Reflection by Christine D’Souza Photo by Michelle Lopez