Come to a Weekend Retreat for Single Women

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto invite single women aged 18-39 to join them for a weekend of prayer and reflection.
Reflections shared by Patricia – a participant on the June 2009 retreat: "Listen, I am standing at the door knocking" A spiritual retreat is a personal encounter with GOD. In it we listen to God’s voice and open ourselves to God’s guidance. We, the women who attended the St. Joseph’s retreat in June 2009, were touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. We did not come to solve a problem. We did not have a definite purpose. We simply wanted to get away from the hassles of this world. We desired the opportunity to explore answers to our uncertainties. The retreat lifted our spirit and we became more trusting, more compassionate for the needs of others and less self centered. With a pure mind and a clean heart we were aware that we can endure whatever events come our way. We were ready to answer God’s call. At the end of the retreat, with the lessons learned from the Sisters of St. Joseph and Fr. Ian, we felt inspired to engage life in all its meaning. We heard the knock, we listened and we answered. Will you come and spend some time with our CREATOR? We were busy but spent some precious time with HIM and experienced the uncompromising love of our LORD. Come and share in God’s blessings, you will discover new blessings. Then after the retreat you too will say……I am glad I listened to the call of the Holy Spirit and joined the retreat.
For: Single women aged 18-39 Where: Morrow Park, 3377 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON When: Friday Oct. 2, 7:30pm to Sunday Oct 4, 2:30pm Cost: $85.00 ($30 nonrefundable deposit due by Sept. 25th) For more information or to register, contact Sister Dorothy Schweitzer. Phone: 416-927-0720, E-mail: