Artists Against Consumerism

Today is our third event of June Justice Month.  This month has been a wonderful chance to reflect on and explore the issues of justice.

Tonight we will reflect, pray, and dialogue about consumerism.  I invite all of you to join us in discussion (by posting comments/your thoughts to this blog) and prayer:

Reflecting on the Juxtapositions of Consumerism

Lord we take a moment to put ourselves in your presence …

Jesus please open our hearts and minds
so that we may we be open to your spirit in this grey world.

As I learn about and reflect on justice Lord,
I come to a growing awareness of its complexity.
I would love to say that x is bad and y is good.  
But Lord I know that working for justice
encourages me to open myself up to the grey in our world.

As I reflect on consumerism
I am filled with so many thoughts and juxtapositions …

I know Lord that consumerism fuels wars
such as the diamond wars in the Congo.
I know that it can cause great economic disparity between nations and peoples.
I know that excessive consumption is destructive
to our earth, to our relationships, to our bodies.  
I know that it can tempt me to focus on material possession
as opposed to working for lasting and life giving happiness.

And yet Lord as I stand before you
I am also aware that I am a consumer.
I participate in an economy that has both positive and negative trends.

So as I reflect Lord I am left asking …
Am I a critical consumer?
Do I examine the economies and consumption practices in which I participate?
Do I seek balance and justice?

Help each of us to be present to the complexities
within these juxtapositions of justice,
BUT not to feel overwhelmed by them.
Help us to think outside of the box,
to challenge ourselves, each other, and our wider communities.
Help us to build systems, structures, and visions of consumption
that are just, loving, and full of dignity.  


~ Vanessa Nicholas-Schmidt ~


Join us tonight: Artists Against Consumerism

Join us on June 25 for our final June Justice Month gathering: Planting Seeds of Hope: A Peace and Mediation Workshop