Connecting Ministries at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto: Part 7

Connecting Ministries, Part VII – JPIC

Back at Morrow Park, we met with Sr. Anne Lemire, who gave an overview of the ministry of JPIC (Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation), which she manages.

JPIC “seeks to nurture community by addressing the social issues of our time in order to enable both individual and congregational response. Social issues include justice, peace, and ecology” (JPIC Mission Statement).

Sr. Anne discussed injustices and travesties that are happening not just in remote areas of the world but even in our own country. She explained that awareness was a crucial part of change. Injustices such as human trafficking, prostitution and exploitation proliferate largely because people aren’t made aware of what is going on.

The JPIC is focused on very relevant realities affecting us in the world today such as justice for women and children as well as preservation of our environment.

Reflection Question:
How can you help increase awareness about injustice and exploitation?

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To volunteer with JPIC please contact Vanessa Nicholas, 416-222-1426 ext. 276

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