Connecting Ministries at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto: Part 6

Connecting Ministries, Part VI – Mustard Seed & Fontbonne Place

After visiting Studio on the Hill, we were eager to learn more about Fontbonne Ministries which are Mustard Seed and Fontbonne Place on Queen East right in the heart of Leslieville.

There, we were welcomed by Joan Breech and Leanne Kloppenborg, Administrator
and Volunteer and Program Director for Fontbonne Ministries
respectively. Fontbonne Place has rent-scaled-to-income apartments for
single women. It is a well lit, brightly coloured and handsome
building that gives an instant feeling of comfort, safety and peace.

Attached to Fontbonne Place is the Mustard Seed, an outreach community center.
While there we were introduced to the diversity of programs run at
Mustard Seed, such as.:

• Drop ins at which people can find food and company
• A Community Kitchen which teaches people to make healthy meals on a low budget
• A sewing room and craft center where people can develop their skills of creativity while visiting with their neighbors
• Basic computer training
• Foot care

Reflection Questions:

Why is outreach and community assistance important?
In what ways can you help your family? Your workplace? Your neighbourhood?

Additional Links:
To learn more about Fontbonne Ministries please visit:

To volunteer with Fontbonne Ministries please contact:

Leanne Kloppenborg
Volunteer Co-coordinator, Fontbonne Ministries
Tel: 416-465-6069


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