Connecting Ministries at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto: Part 5

Connecting Ministries, Part 5 – Studio on the Hill

Next on the orientation tour was a trip to 967 O’Connor drive, in Toronto’s East End. We visited Studio on the Hill, which is part of the Fontbonne Ministries (the social outreach ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph).

Studio on the Hill offers pottery class for students of all ages and abilities. Sr. Helen Kluke, who is the director and teacher, charmed us with her stories. She explained how she went from managing the kitchen at the Sisters of St. Joseph's Motherhouse in Morrow Park to setting up and forming Studio on the Hill.

Sr. Helen’s own works are also on display and are examples of her creativity and her ability to mold diverse forms with clay. We hope to go back to this inspiring place and put our own creativity to work.

Sister Helen explains what happens at the studio in this way: "Time at pottery helps restore one's equilibrium. Eventually students become aware of their own unique style of creativity and gain a sense of self-confidence and renewed energy." The Studio also offers an outreach program. Sister Helen facilitates programs taught by others at Mustard Seed, the Aphasia Centre, and a seniors' residence.

Reflection Question:
What activities give you renewed energy?

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