Connecting Ministries at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto: Part 4

Photo by: Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Connecting Ministries, Part 4 – Archives


Next up on our orientation tour was a visit to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto Archives and a conversation with archivist Linda Wicks. Linda gave us an overview of the historical significance of the Sisters of St. Joseph to Toronto’s Catholic heritage.

It was a real treat to see photos of the old Motherhouses as well as the collected artifacts that punctuated important moments in history. Linda also recalled the momentous visit of his Holiness Pope John Paul II’s visit and stay at Morrow Park during the World Youth Day of 2002.

We felt humbled knowing that our Holy Father graced these same walls with his presence.

To learn more about the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto please contact Vanessa Nicholas – or 416-222-1426 ext 276. or click here.

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