Connecting Ministries at the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto: Part 2

Connecting Ministries, Part II – Integrity of Creation

Our orientation began with Sr. Janet Fraser, who is the Ecology Chair of the Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation ministry (JPIC) of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto.

Sr. Janet spoke of the ecological directions of faith and how our perceptions of planet earth evolved through time. She showed images ranging from the maps of the Middle Ages to the first photograph of the earth taken from space.

During our orientation, she shared with us a moment of epiphany in her life. It happened when she was five-years-old.

As she and her brother sat on a dock, they soaked in their surroundings, enthralled by the trees, the fresh air, the clear lake and the minnows that were nibbling at their toes; it dawned on her how important it was to cherish the earth.

Sr. Janet was moved into a lifetime of work for the earth. She has been on the leading edge of protecting our earth and enjoys teaching people about ecology. Her vast knowledge and eagerness to share make her a truly remarkable resource.

Reflection Questions:

What are you doing to care for the earth? In what ways can you contribute to its preservation?

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