Faith Connections Theology on Tap October 24 - The Mystical Body of Christ Globalized

On Wednesday October 24th Luke Stocking, Animator for the Canadian Catholic
Organization For Development and Peace, spoke at Faith Connections Theology On Tap hosted by the Sisters of St. Joseph in the heart of Toronto at the Duke of York Pub.

Luke delivered his talk on the "Mystical Body of Christ Globalized". Luke established the necessary connection between peoples of the largely poor global south and the rich global north through the mystical body of Christ -- a connection traditionally rooted in such familiar Biblical references, "what you do to the least of me...", and "love thy neighbour..."

“More and more, we are starting to realize we are all in this together.” Luke continues, "Globalization has made us more aware of poverty".

If we are to fulfill our innate need to be full participants in the Body of Christ worldwide, we need to continue to sensitize Canadians to the issues facing our brothers and sisters in the global south. Though many Canadians have immigrated from these same impoverished nations, Luke asserts, few are from the suffering underclass, and so therefore tend to become even more disconnected as each embraces Canadian life.

Pope John VI, in his 1967 encyclical, Populorum Progressio, entrenched the notion that development is the key to peace among and within nations. Our inextricable link to our brothers and sisters across this world is what fuels our continued "push-pull" commitment to help each other in solidarity.

What can we do?

The challenge for our future, Luke identifies, is to widen the scope and diversity of Canadians committed to the cause of Development and Peace. We must each strive to be the voice for the voiceless of the poor in the global south.

Author: Valens Wolfs